Since 2002, Best Royal Recruiting & Immigration has been providing the U.S.’s EW3 Immigration services in Korea.  Our company successfully guided many of our clients to immigrate and settle down in the United States. Also, we established exclusive partnership with an immigration company in Beijing, China and began providing U.S. Immigration services since 2002.  In 2013, Best Royal Recruiting & Immigration established new partnerships with more than ten major immigration companies and now is proud to have the largest number of partners in China.


Since 2002, we have had more than one thousand successful immigration cases in Asia, including Korea and China along with four large American employers who have partnership with Best Royal on a long term basis. This leads our clients to have greater success rates to immigrate with more security. Furthermore, Best Royal established a branch in Atlanta, April 2014 enabling our company to support and provide full services to our clients settling down in the U.S.


In 2013, Best Royal Recruiting & Immigration added Canada immigration services to our existing U.S. immigration services in order to provide more diverse and alternative trustworthy services. Ur Canada office has experienced and skilful Chinese and Korean immigration consultants. Our company also has specialized departments for recruiting, marketing, and customer service. This specialisation of department is one of the largest scopes for an immigration firm located within Canada. We, Best Royal, are committed to provide highest quality services for our clients.

Best Royal History
  • 2002: Established Korea – U.S. Entry & Exit Service Company in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, Korea
  • 2002: Established a partnership with a local Chinese company for EW3 program and obtained an exclusive service right for Chinese market
  • July, 2013:  Relocated the Korean company to Vancouver, Canada and established “Best Royal Recruiting & Immigration Ltd.”
  • August, 2013: Terminated the contract of exclusive service rights in China
  • August, 2013: Established a relationship with a Chinese immigration company that is certified by Chinese government.  (as of  today, Best Royal has partnerships with more than ten immigration companies in China)
  • April, 2014: Established a Best Royal branch office in Atlanta, the U.S.
  • May, 2014: Secured a number of allocations for various EB5 programs, and  launched massive marketing campaigns in Asia including China.