New Zealand is a diverse country and has been a major recipients of immigrants.   More than 45000 people from all around the world has become a permanent residents of New Zealand each year, 60 % of this population comes from skilled worker immigrants, and Chinese accounted for 13%. In order to attract skilled worker to come to New Zealand and promote its economic development, based on Job Vacancies related to the New Zealand occupational list, New Zealand provide the Skilled Worker Immigration Program for applicants with relevant work experience and English proficiency. The requirements for this program is really easy, one applicants could help the whole family to migrate to New Zealand,obtain New Zealand Citizenship and gets to enjoy the benefits of Australian PR as well, No visa required to over 170 Countries worldwide.

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa Program benefit:

  • No Asset requirements, no need to invest and build a business
  • Get a Job Offer Quickly and apply for New Zealand’s Green Card
  • No Job Evaluation, Score 160 or above will receive ITA Invitation Letter from Immigration office
  • Fast Processing, No immigration supervision
  • enjoy the world’s only green card that provide permanent return visa
  • No inheritance tax, no global tax invitation, convenience live and career

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa Application Requirements:

  • Under 55 Years old
  • EOI score 160 or above
  • IELTS type G average score : 6.5 or above

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa Application Process

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa (Employment-Based) Application Process

Assessment and sign a contract Employer provide Job OfferSubmit EOI Immigration office sends ITA Invitation Letter Apply for Residence visaVisa ApprovedGo to New Zealand and Start WorkingApply for Permanent Resident

Application Process

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa ( Post-Employment) Application Process

Open Work Permit Application Process

Post Graduate Documents Preparation ( Degree Certidicate,etc.) Apply for open Work Permit VisaGet 1 year Open Work PermitStart Working

Application Process

Working Visa Application Process

Open work permit visa Documents Preparation ( Job offer, etc) Advertisement by employerApply for working Visa-Get a work Visa (Valid for 1~2years)Apply for Residence visa

Application Process

Residence Permit Application process

Prepare Immigration materialssubmit EOIImmigration office sends ITA Invitation Letter Apply for Residence visa Visa Approved after meets the living requirements, Apply for permanent return visa

Application Process