Australia 187 Visa program is very similar to the Australia 186 Visa Program, this Visa refers to the employment based immigration program in a remote area. This visa is available for skilled workers outside of Australia or inside Australia or a temporary resident visa holder who work in Australia as a temporary skilled worker, It is part of a permanent employer guarantee visa program. This visa is available for all the cities except Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, New Castle, and Wollongong. The purpose of this visa is to provide the Australian employers who find it difficult to find a highly skilled labor in the local market the chance to get the overseas employee with such skills. Applicants will be nominated by Australian employer based on his professional skills and work experiences, it’s a one step process to get the Permanent Resident Visa in Australia.Australia 187 Visa is part of Employment based skilled worker immigration program in Australia, Applicants for this visa type will need a sponsorship from eligible employer in Australia.

Australia 187 Immigration Visa Programs benefit :



  • 187 Visa Requirements and process are very easy, No financial audit and interview, No assets requirements
  • one step process to get Permanent residence in Australia
  • Approval time is fast and high approval rate
  • Fully enjoy the same government benefits as local Australians
  • Free education for primary and middle school, one applicant approve and the whole family gets to enjoy the Australian government benefits
  • Do not need to pass EOI Scoring System, only need to meet the requirements apply for this Visa, no spouse restriction
  • Technical Assessment is not required for all positions except for the skilled worker job position
  • Provide at least 50 real jobs per months that meet the immigration requirements


Australia 187 Immigration Visa Application Requirements:


  • IELTS score 6 or above
  • Meets the skills and education requirements ( Employer based on academic qualifications and work experience)
  • 3years or above work experience
  • under 45years old
  • Job position are included in the occupation list of this visa program
  • Nominated by an employer in a remote areas of Australia

Australia 187 Visa Application Requirements1.1

Australia 187 Visa Application Requirements 2.1



Australia 187 Immigration Visa Application Process



Assesment& Sign a contract Employer confirmation, obtain JOB OFFERApply for RCB Certification ( for a remote area) Nomination Apply to the Immigration Bureau for Immigration VisaMedical Check up, Pay for the English training feeIssue187 Approval LetterLanding in Australia

Australia 187 Visa Application Process