Australia 186 Visa Program mainly available for skilled migrants who want to work in Australia, applicants will be nominatedby Australian employer based on his professional skills and work experiences,it’s a one step process to get the Permanent Resident Visa in Australia. This visa is available for skilled workers outside of Australia or inside Australia or a temporary resident visa holder who work in Australia as a temporary skilled worker, It ispart of Employment based skilled worker immigration program in Australia. This type of Immigration program doesn’t require any scoring system, applicants will only need to fulfill the basic requirements to apply for this visa. It’s suitable for state-owned enterprises, executives, International students,etc., who has a certain level of Education degree, work experience and english.
There are 3 kinds of 186 Visa:

  • Temporary Residence Transition stream, Suitable for applicants holding a 457 Visa and has been nominated for a job position,He/She already worked for more than 2 years with the current employer and employer intend to provide a permanent job position for him/for her.
  • Direct Entry stream,Suitable for applicants who have never been or have been work in Australia for a short-term period, and didn’t hold 457 Visa for the last 2 years.
  • Agreement stream,Suitable for applicants who get sponsorship from an employer through a labor agreement or Regional Immigration Agreement


Australia 186 Immigration Visa Program Benefits:


  • No financial audit and interview
  • one step process to get Permanent residence in Australia, whole family gets to enjoy the Australian government benefits
  • Approval time is fast, low English requirements
  • IELTS score 6 or abov, some can be exempt from the IELTS requirements
  • Provide at least 50 real jobs per months that meet the immigration requirements
  • Live and work anywhere in Australia, No area restriction


Australia 186 Immigration Visa Application Requirements:


  • IELTS score 6 or above
  • Bachelor Degree or above ( Have degree)
  • 3 years above work experience, Nominated by Australian employer
  • Under 45 Years old

Australia 186 Visa Application Requirements 2


Australia 186 Immigration Visa Application Process


Evaluation&sign a contractDocuments preparation, skilled assessment by relevant institution Employer confirmation, obtain JOB OFFER Apply for nomination Apply to the Immigration Bureau for Immigration Visa Medical Check up, Pay for the English training feeIssue186 Approval LetterLanding in Australia

Australia 186 Visa Application Process